The Anglican Centre in Rome is, itself, a resource of the Anglican Communion and of Rome. When Michael Ramsey opened the Centre in 1966, he explained his hopes for it:

The Anglican Centre in Rome has been made possible by the generous support of Anglican Provinces all over the world. What will be its future? It will provide a library of Anglican books so that people in Rome who so wish will be assisted in the study of Anglican theology, spirituality, liturgy and history. In this way it will servce the spread of knowledge and understanding which is an essential part of the oeumenical movement. The Centre will also be the residence of the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome. Since before the opening of the Second Vatican Council the Archbishop of Canterbury has had a representative in Rome, and the continuance of this plan will enable valuahle contacts between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church. The Centre will be a place where Christians of different traditions can meet and come to know one another, and such personal knowledge and understanding plays a vital part in oecumenical work.

This website is also an opportunity to provide a resource for people who wish to know about the Anglican Communion or Anglican and Roman Catholic relations. The links to the right should provide the information you need or point you to the websites where you can find that information.

The Anglican Centre is currently closed for refurbishment, however the staff will still be available by phone and e-mail.

Tuesday Eucharists will be at Caravita at 12:30 each week, apart from August.