Be part of the Friends of the Anglican Centre


The Anglican Centre in Rome is one of the most exciting ecumenical projects in the world. Building the relationship between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church, and working with so many other denominations in our quest for Christian unity, is something we can only do thanks to the support and partnership of our friends from around the world. The most important gift our friends give us is their prayer, and you can explore some prayers for unity and the Centre here

That said, we also need to raise over £300,000 each year to meet the running costs of the Centre. The support of donors by gifts of any amount is invaluable. Donations can be one-off, or continue over a specified time.

There are groups of supporters in many parts of the world, which can be found on the right. These groups support the Centre financially, but also arrange events where you can discover all the Centre has been doing and explore relations between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.

In the UK, we’d like to invite you to join the 600 Club. This means giving £5 or more a month to the Centre, or at least the equivalent annually:  if 600 well-wishers did so, with Gift Aid we would raise £45,000 a year, thus transforming the Centre's finances.

So, please join the 600 Club today.

Download a Monthly Standing Order Form.

Download an Annual Standing Order Form.

Parishes are also encouraged to join the 600 Club. Here is more information.