A Strategic Review of the Work of the Anglican Centre in Rome 

The Governors of the Anglican Centre in Rome have undertaken a strategic review of the Centre, and have begun a restructuring process in several aspects of its administration. 

The Chair of Governors, Bishop Michael Burrows said:

The Centre has earned a solid reputation for its work in Rome on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury  and the whole Anglican Communion, its excellent contacts with the Vatican,  its popular  lectures and courses, and its significant work in the areas of prayer, hospitality and ecumenical networking.

It has been blessed by the generosity of the Doria Pamphilj family with space within the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj for its work. Periodic reviews of the Centre’s position and forward planning have ensured that the Centre stays relevant in a changing market.  Whilst the Centre has strong support from the Archbishop of Canterbury and its Friends in the United Kingdom, the United States and elsewhere,  it is both prudent and necessary to look to future sustainability.
Following a recent review, the Governors noted that the Deputy Director post was originally created to support a special project, The Global Freedom Project, and the Centre’s involvement in that project  came to an end some time ago.  

As a result it was decided to restore the staffing situation to the original arrangement whereby the Director assumed responsibility for both ambassadorial and educational roles.  The effect of this decision is that the roles of  Deputy Director and the Courses and Visits Co-ordinator became redundant, and so the Reverend Dr Justin Lewis-Anthony and Chiara Crippa-Roberts leave the Centre at the end of July.
We’re enormously grateful to Justin and Chiara  for the work they’ve done in recent years to ensure the Centre’s work is known worldwide. The new Director, Archbishop Ian Ernest,  will come in at the beginning of October, and he is fully aware of the decisions which have been taken.  He will continue the work already begun, and maintain and extend the Centre’s  reach and influence.

In his task of refocusing the Centre’s ecumenical and educational tasks he will continue to be assisted by the ACR’s excellent Centre Manager, Nicoletta Rambelli.

The Centre will continue to welcome visitors and news of its work will be posted on the web-site in due course.


Staff Member, 12/07/2019